October 19, 2015

Portfolio Partners

CSS has Strategic Partnerships with Innovative Security, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud Solutions.

Please contact us at contact@cloudsecuritysol.com for more detail on our recommended Partners and Research per the detail on deployment success and value.

Partner Categories

CSS represents best in class partners only backed by customer POC data and indepth analysis

  • E-Mail Phishing Fraud Prevention through DMARC, protecting Consumers from E-Mail Fraud and/or Financial Losses
  • Cloud Application Performance Management and Monitoring, detecting anomalies for mission critical applications
  • Cloud Discovery, Visibility, DLP, Governance and Encryption
  • Cloud Storage and Collaboration
  • Cloud Virtualization System for the Public Cloud with encryption for security, storage, compute & networking
  • Real Time Network Visibility and Alerts for Advanced Persistent Threats, Malware and DLP
  • Service Automation and Process Improvement
  • Mobile Device Security Protection for Network Attacks and Malware Prevention
  • Open source Website Creation and Delivery
  • End Point Protection -Kill attacks in the Micro Hypervisor
  • Real Time Endpoint Communication addressing Security Threats, Patch Management, Operations, Help Desk issues
  • Crown Jewel Deception Data to alert the SOCĀ & confuse/deceive the Fraudster
  • Cloud Workload Security for Private/Public Cloud, visibility &control across cloud infrastructure environments.
  • API Management and Monitoring for next generation application requirements Improving Developer Productivity and time to market
  • User Behavior Analytics, detecting Insider and Outsider Threats
  • Application Source Code Vulnerability Management
  • LDAP & Active Breach Prevention through machine learning/white listing
  • Professional Services for Innovation Deployment, Project Management, Identity Management, GRC, AML, QA

Strategic Initiatives

  • What are your priorities based on existing investment and identified gaps?
  • What are your key FY2015-2016 Projects and Priorities?