NYTimes: A Cyberattack The World Isn’t Ready For’

But in this case, modern-day detection systems created by Cylance, McAfee and Microsoft and patching systems by Tanium did not catch the attack on IDT. Nor did any of the 128 publicly available threat intelligence feeds that IDT subscribes to. Even the 10 threat intelligence feeds that his organization spends a half-million dollars on annually[…]

Global Cyber Alliance Finds U.S. Healthcare Providers’ Email Security in Critical Condition

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) found that only 6 of the 50 largest public hospitals in the U.S. are protecting their email domains. Net, deploying DMARC can protect your employees and customers from e-mail phishing attacks. It can also deliver tangible metrics including the number of malicious e-mails stopped per month, as well as reduced[…]