October 23, 2015

Key Market Dynamics

Innovation Scout

CSS covers 34 Start Up categories in a 30 minute meeting when we discuss use cases, potential impact per peer experience correlated with existing customer priority and pain. Customers determine next steps like WebEx introductions, etc..

We work closely with the Global 500 Early Adopters and examine time to value, product maturity and measurable impact to debate and discuss our Portfolio Partners. In addition, we have an large watch list which represents companies we are tracking to confirm deployment value and impact.There is a major difference in deploying value for a top US bank versus a Bank in the 20-30 category per scale, compliance scrutiny and overall complexity.

Market Confusion

Since 2005 new IT start ups and cloud service companies have grown by a 30X increase. This has made it more difficult for a Sales Rep to secure a new meeting with the right audience. It has also made it more difficult for enterprise customers to determine which of the many start up to spend time with.

Vendor Continuity

Historically enterprises clients have appreciated continuity in working with Account Reps. They benefited from a shared history  and a working knowledge of the attributed unique to a company. Today, those resources are spread across many different start ups all with typically (1) product. CSS builds the bridge and ensures that continuity is intact.


There is a high probability that many Start Ups will not make it. This experience is painful for vendor employees and customers. The CSS Team has experienced the high’s of successful exits to AT&T, Sun Microsystems, and¬†Emerson. And they’ve also seen the lows of failure when a Start Up can not deliver on their promise and fails.


Core Market Factors drove the need for CSS. IBM, Cisco, HP and others still have Global Account Management (GAM) organizations. CSS seeks to be the GAM for the Start Ups until they are acquired or grow into one of the above companies. The GAM’s relied on Sales Specialists and CSS leverages our Start Up Sales Organizations once qualified as a need/interest by our Customers.