October 19, 2015

Our Approach

Trusted Advisor to the Global 1000 Organization and Innovative Start Ups

CSS seeks to build long term partnerships with our Global 1000 Customers and introduce Start Ups that can address areas of need/pain after sharing our research. CSS qualifies the most Innovative Start Ups saving the Global 1000 time and money in having to meet and examine the hundreds of Start Ups trying to close time with your Team.

Every Global 1000 should have a specific percentage of budget aimed to invest with Innovative Start Ups versus the large existing vendors that consume the majority of the spend. Great opportunity to find the Innovative Start Ups before they get to big or acquired which drives substantial price increases.

The investment in the Innovative Start Ups can deliver strong ROI if you place bets on the winners and mitigate your risk. IBM, CA, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, RSA, etc. are no longer innovating, they follow the innovation companies closely and try to acquire or assimilate the Start Ups at the right price.

Once the Start Up is acquired the change in culture, opportunity, and responsibility drives Entrepreneurs/Employees desire to start or join new Innovation companies. CSS analyses a vast number of Innovation Companies with critical factors being deployment success, time to value, and peer testimonials.

The U.S . Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission encourages sharing technical cyber information. The Agencies share the President’s view that cyber threats are one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation, and are committed to doing all they can to improve the safety of our nations companies.