October 19, 2015

Our Services

Cloud Security Solutions provides research to the Global 1000 on Innovative Cloud Security Start Ups that could address existing gaps/needs.CSS builds long term Partnerships with both the Innovative Start Ups that have been qualified as winners in their specific category and the Global 1000.  The Start Up typically offers one product and may lack history with the Global 1000 on how they like to evaluate, buy and deploy products.The CSS Team helps manage the pre-sales and post sales process for both the Start Up and Global 1000 organization.

  • CSS correlates research across our customer base to identify Innovation companies that are delivering strong ROI.We work closely with the Global Financial Vertical who are early adopters facing complex challenges regarding scale, regulatory compliance and overall complexity.
  • CSS provides Pre and Post Sales Project Management and Implementation Services.We provide advice to the Customer and Start Up throughout the process, yet the Customer and Sales Representative lead the engagement.
  • Goal, Trusted Advisor to both the Global 500’s and our Innovative Partners.
  • CSS advises the Start Up on core must have requirements from the Global 1000 per prior evaluation, security and legal experience.
  • CSS seeks to assist the Global 1000 with their Innovation spend to place smart bets navigating an incredible number of new companies popping up every month. We analyze the time to value to prioritize our Partners based on customers existing maturity and priority.
  • Since 2005 the number of new IT Innovation Start Ups has increased by a factor of 30x. We help our customers avoid mistakes per knowledge of deployment history, teams, employee turnover, financial stability, VC Support and overall ability to execute.
  • CSS assesses the customers existing product portfolio and will make recommendations based on existing maturity and needs compared to other peer and progressive organizations.
  • Net, CSS correlates metrics and places bets on winners adjusting based on market feedback and experience. Our market research on deployments and customer Field activity is what seperates our assessment from others. Gartner, Forrester, etc. will perform indepth analysis once a market has the financial revenue numbers to support a magic quadrant.

CSS Financial Model

  • Start Ups pays Alliance Referral Fees if the Global 1000 purchases product per the role in Pre-Sales, POC and Overall Evaluation process.
  • The Global 1000 leverages CSS for our research on the Innovative Security Start Ups, category maturity, assistance on special projects, peer introductions, consulting on three year plans regarding the Innovation players and categories, vendor introductions, deployment advice/consulting per peer experience.
  • The Global 1000 can select from Platinum, Gold, Bronze and No-Charge program
  • The Global 1000 win per getting an update on Innovation Partners plus feedback on others that we may be watching or deleted based on feedback from other Global 1000’s that have tried to deploy or ruled out per evaluation assessment.
  • Global 1000 can hire CSS to assist with RFP or Evaluation Process in which case CSS would not represent a Start Up in the Evaluation Process. In addition, CSS has assisted the Global 1000 on how to reduce existing maintenance spend on large existing vendors who are not delivering required value per existing cost.
  • Systems Integration Services, resources to assist with Project Management, Implementation and Integration Services