October 19, 2015


Michael Schramm

Former Director Financial Sales at Sun Microsystems and CRO at Aperture (acquired by Emerson in 2008) and Netuitive.

Michael started his career with NCR in 1987 and has over 33 years of High-Tech Sales Experience across Cyber Security, Identity Management, Cloud, Software Development, Network and Integration Use Cases.

About Cloud Security Solutions

Mike started Cloud Security Solutions (CSS) in 2012 to help Global 500 customers identify Innovative Cybersecurity and Cloud Startups that deliver strong ROI and avoid mistakes. CSS correlates research across the top Global 500 early adopters and fast followers in the FS and H-ISAC verticals. CSS provides research subscriptions for our customers leveraging peer deployment experience to explain current state and connects customers on specific topics upon request. In addition, we study risk factors like funding, CEO experience, VC and Board support to assess overall ability to deliver now and into the future. We help our customers learn from their peers, very difficult to tell if a company can meet scale deployment requirements from testing in a lab environment or conducting an RFP or RFI process. There are over 4,000 cyber security companies today, we help customer teams maximize their time and effort striving to leverage automation and artificial intelligence to improve productivity backed by peer confirmation on the deployment value.

The Innovation vendors typically address an existing gap complimenting the existing tool portfolio along with meeting scale and compliance requirements. The Global 500 early adopters have embraced Gartner’s Bimodal IT philosophy which embraces predictability and exploration. The early adopters realize that 2 to 3 out of 5 Innovation companies will deliver on promise while the others will fail. The reward for going early includes lower price points and the ability to influence product road map to meet unique company requirements.

CSS generates revenue by offering annual subscriptions to our customers and selecting Innovation Partners after the early adopter lab and deployment qualification process and helping them go to market. CSS “brokers” the qualified introduction between the Innovation Start Up and the Global 500 once there is interest from our Global 500 customer. There’s more to CSS than the introduction. We help manage the relationship through the pre-sale’s engagement and post-sales deployment.

CSS correlates trends per Innovation discussions with our Customers CIOs, CTOs, CISOs that are driving Innovation adoption. We have Customers that are leading the charge to the Cloud and those that are following. Same goes for Cyber Security, the early adopters are focused on various early stage companies and categories. The early adopters realize that conventional controls will not stop the fraudsters, the new unconventional controls are critical to updating the enterprise product portfolio and protecting the business.

CSS has built many C-level relationships over the past 33 years in Enterprise Sales and seeks to deliver value with our research and recommendations like an Accenture Partner.

CSS business value is like the Accenture Alliance Model. The Startup pays for the help with introductions, advice, and guidance. Founder, Michael Schramm used Accenture at many previous stops and was happy to pay for the value.

CSS aims to provide advice to our Global 500 Customers on Innovation Partners year over year as a consistent Partner and Trusted Advisor.

CSS selected Agari as an Innovation partner in 2012 per their track record at JPMC and winning the ISE Innovation award in 2013. Agari has grown from a few customers and scarce funding to a category winner with many major customers, market leadership, strong funding and wonderful stories of deployed impact and value. Many Financial, Healthcare, ECOMM and Shipping CISO’s have looked good per their investment in Agari. Agari has delivered cost reduction, reduced risk and increased revenue, all measurable which is a win for the Customer, Vendor and Partner…true Trifecta…CSS is an extension of the Agari Team and works closely with the Sales and the Customer Success Team to deliver value. Other best in category Partners include winners like Tanium, Netskope, Exabeam, Apigee, AppDynamics, Redlock acquired by PANW, Skycure acquired by Symantec, etc.