Market Dynamics

The Cybersecurity Marketplace Gets More Complex By The Minute

The fast-paced cybersecurity marketplace is a constantly evolving ecosystem comprised of well-established incumbents and hyper-growth startups. With approximately 4000 vendors in the market, it’s virtually impossible for most security professionals to stay on top of the changing landscape. CSS serves as trusted partner in helping global enterprises meet these challenges head-on.  

Eliminate Market Confusion  

With venture capital and private equity cybersecurity funding increasing from $12B to $29B in 2021 (VentureBeat), it’s never been more difficult to assess what controls you should consider adding, keeping, or removing. Many large cybersecurity vendors are being replaced as a result of poor performance, and many others are striving to make the transition from the on-premise market to the new cloud security market. Up-to-the-minute intelligence from peer global enterprises helps weed through the vast amounts of information to assess the critical intelligence and deployment strategies.  

Ensure Vendor Continuity  

Historically, enterprise clients have appreciated continuity in working with account reps. They benefited from a shared history and a working knowledge of the attributes unique to a company. Today, those resources are spread across many different startups typically focusing on only one product. CSS builds the bridge and ensures that continuity is intact.  

Assess Risk  

Not all startups will make it and rising interest rates will have an impact on available funding. Some vendors have raised investment at inflated valuations that don’t correlate with sales.  Analyzing the senior executive team’s ability to synergize, their customer deployments along with pertinent intelligence helps us assess the current state of a vendor as well as long-term viability.  



We’ve got you covered!

By remaining nimble and highly attuned to the market, CSS delivers customized guidance in a way a giant enterprise simply can’t. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution.

Tapping into the most up-to-date peer intelligence, we ensure our clients get the most from their cybersecurity budget with vendors who have the capability to efficiently meet regulatory complexity at scale. 

Get in touch for more information about our services. 

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