Client Testimonials

“CSS is consistently 2-3 years ahead of the large research firms in seeing market trends and innovations in cybersecurity. His trusted relationships and peer insights in financial services give me a unique advantage in selecting the most sophisticated technologies and vendors.”

Chief Information Security OfficerUS Top 50 Bank - 2022 Q2

“The insight provided by Cloud Security Solutions is unique because it focuses on actual use, which is critical for us to understand the real-world capabilities of the tools. This information is not available from any other source.”

Head of Cyber EngineeringGlobal Top 15 Bank - 2022 Q2

“I hate dealing with herds of vendors, I don’t have the time per audit, regulatory, firefighting, life in cybersecurity to properly track peer experience to make informed decisions.”

Chief Information Security OfficerGlobal Top 20 Bank - 2022 Q2

“My team and I found CSS very useful in helping shape the technical direction of our programs. To know what similar companies are testing, migrating off of, and implementing is valuable data to help refine RFPs and POCs…ensuring we were fully informed in the decision-making process.”

Chief Information Security OfficerGlobal Top 25 Bank - 2022 Q2

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